IPv6 Course: Fundamentals to Deployment

Seven Reasons To Take This IPv6 Course

Teracom's courses have been taught to wide acclaim across North America since 1992 and are designed for the professional needing to fill in the gaps, build a solid base of knowledge… and see how it all fits together.

1. Cut through the buzzwords, jargon and vendor hype to gain the big-picture view of IPv6 you can put to use today ... and into the future.

2. Build career-enhancing knowledge tools you need to succeed in the fast-changing world of the Internet, IP networks and telecommunications.

3. Build a structural understanding of IPv6 and IP networking, allowing you to make meaningful comparisons and informed decisions.

4. Understand mainstream solutions, areas to watch out for and best practices. Obtain checklists, planning guides and templates you can put to immediate use.

5. Obtain detailed workbooks / textbooks that will serve as a valuable reference for years.

6. Eliminate knowledge-gap frustration on the job

7. Understand how it all fits together. Develop a structured, comprehensive understanding of IPv6 technology and practices, allowing you to make informed choices and useful contributions – fundamental and practical knowledge you can't get on the job, reading trade magazines or talking to vendors.


Ideal for preparing for the Federal mandate for implementing IPv6.


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