IPv6 Course: Fundamentals to Deployment

Who Should Attend This IPv6 Course

• Technical people needing to efficiently put a solid foundation in the fundamentals and current best practices in place before embarking on designs and implementations.

• Planners who need to understand the full breadth of issues IPv6 brings with it, particularly in terms of implementation of IPv6 alongside IPv4 in products, services and applications.

• Administrators responsible for a migration to a mixed IPv4-IPv6 environment will benefit from the numerous best-practices checklists and templates for migration and deployment, ensuring they have the full picture.

• Managers who need to understand what IPv6 is, how it works, how it will be deployed and how it will affect them.

• Anyone willing to invest two days to develop a structured, comprehensive fundamental and practical understanding of IPv6 — knowledge you can't get on the job, reading trade magazines or talking to vendors.


Ideal for preparing for the Federal mandate for implementing IPv6.


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